Helping charities and small businesses make the best use of their data

Who we are

We are specialists in all things data.

We work with charities and small businesses, who often lack the resources of bigger organisations, making tools and providing a comprehensive and tailored data service.

From analysis, CRM and bespoke tool development, targeting, testing and data infrastructure, to big data and heavy-duty data science, we've got all the bases covered.

What we do

Mather Insights brings together cutting-edge analysis, web development, data science and engineering with progressive and philanthropic organisations.

We organise and make sense of your data, and turn them into actionable insights to increase your donations, understand your audiences, talk to your people better, expand your reach and network, and forecast for the future.

With a breadth of experience working with clients ranging from small charities like Reverse Rett to The Labour Party, we have all the tools to bring the transformational insight your organisation needs.


Making sense of your data+

Creating bespoke web tools+

Dashboarding and reporting+

Customer segmentation+

Data centralisation+

Targeted campaigns+

Testing web and social media content+

Data-driven business strategy+

Financial forecasting+

With a free consultation and action plan to assess and address your immediate needs, we demystify data, showing you how it can benefit your organisation.


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